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of practical knowledge. It might be that that knowledge was

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view of quickly disposing of their dead and of hiding their

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men to escape from their oppressors and put themselves on a proper

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great interest which the Queen herself and the Koyal

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series of letters and especially in the last one are cal

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of county councils has expressed his intention of continuing

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patient to find the wound healed by first intention he

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the effects of overstrain and the claims arising from nervous

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Scanes Spicer and others thought the sinuses were formed

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the obser er. At other times they have been seen to move

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system of forward notification of suspected cases of plague.

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correct as the first ease of gastrotomy was done by Florian

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for about a mile tlirough the central part of iLondon. I could hear

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beyond a doubt. Further they cannot be regarded as pro

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I gave you the average duration of the fever days in the

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difficulty in swallowing. Dr. Raw also showed a man on whom he had

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the heat of the sun was scorching and at first quite a number

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The figure shown at the fourteenth day I think simply

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found divided up into se ejal Portions. ui y.forraed fibrous tissue

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The mean temperature of the air at the Royal Obsei vatory Greenwich

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tended gall bladder between the finger and thumb when the

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At the April meeting of the above Association the Honorary Secretary

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Table IV. A Controlled Series of Experiments directed to

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Peace for the Central Bailswiek and ex Mayor of South Mel

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Jogical material has the Helsingfors school anything to be

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also out in the and afterwards emigrated to Jamaica

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matter is considered from the right front of view. Quite

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I have already referred. He has been working experiment

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Resolved That the Council of the British Medical Associa

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A reference to Experiment I of Appendix B will show that

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Planck also writing in refers to the subject but is

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atterwards. The bullet had entered about tliree iuches to the right of the

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gence being preserved to the last and in pure obstructive

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trephine had been applied and this part of the retina bodily

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to pollute tlie stream but the effluent from the Hertford sewage works

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the work of examining them should be placed in the hands

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above the obstruction was opened and stitched to the skin. Some time

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of this year he weighed st. lbs. and said he had no

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Cufi e gave a brief but interesting address bearing chiefly on

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enormous sum we annually spend or rather waste on middle

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of the sisters. But the letters should be read by everybody

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responsibility for the prevention of plague in case of doubt

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