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asthma last autumn. The d.vspn La became very troublesome and with
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honour of being invited to address the first Conference of this
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The following are the resolutions above referred to.
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and then through tlie Chamberland com. produced the
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patient s dwelling according to the lights of the time was
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held in the Thompson Yates Laboratories and will be con
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of the southern hemisphere. In that happy clime grati
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will at the proper time recommend Her Majesty in Council
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invitation was accepted his name was suggested by members
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T E Holman Guy s Hospital J. E. Howroyd Leeds C Johnson
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against the system of supervision to which they are subject.
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Mr. Farrer in answer to the Chairman said that no com
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in his Maladies Occasion es par les Promptes et Freguentes Varia
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kindly careful and skilful treatment of their patients. Any allegation
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were often found associated as were also the fourth and fifth.
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ran Ringel Braatz AVagner and others who have shown
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under the heading epidemic diarrhoea will more nearly
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The selection of an appropriate food with which to commence
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vagina according to the sex may lead to the detection of the
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the understanding that allowance will only be made for the number of
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conglomeratus or not did not appear to have been decided.
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Journal of April th present a very hopeless picture of
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deservedly held in high esteem both by his patients and by
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the Council will put up to contract the collection and removal
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A PAPER on this subject by Dr. J. Macphkrson LA yRiE Wey
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