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College Green Division of Dublin and although he was not

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have in the operatrng theatre tL o temporary hospital to

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astic young surgeon joyfully finding himself emancipated

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Southern Branch Southeast Hants District. The half yearly

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which appeared to consist of the epithelial and mucous lining of the

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the General Medical Council will be considered. At the afternoon session

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having refused to have an an. esthetic administered the same operation

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Sarcoma. Casts ivithout Albuminuria. Excision of the

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refer and the other an effect similar to that produced by

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thai ihe diseasp arises from some miasmatic exhalation from

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ptoms. Milk personal cleanliness and well veatilatpd

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of any value the adoption of which synchronises with a rise

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Maternity Hospital in order that he might qualify himself for

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Si f th the bladder discharging its contents and leading to

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intestine is wounded at all it is probably perforated in many

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and loss of reflexes in lower limbs. The abdomen was distended and

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by the Tugela river on January th. Union was progressing

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futile and barren when opponents are not fully equipped with

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now stand medical officers of health in other parts of the

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Committee on Personation a question as to the copyright

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perceive the advantages which would be gained by the adop

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portant to retain these words the whole object of the Bill

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serting a tube into the meatus and blowing into it. In both

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per cent of the total cases treated. Of the deaths

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The great historical epidemics of influenza cholera and small

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The diseases that the medical officers have chiefly had to

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removal of the ascitic fluid enables the patient to live longer

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