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resulting stumps were not invariably all that could be
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Secretary of State for India and the second class awarded by
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threads but no clubs were present. The lung apices were al o atlected
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the return to health has been such as to warrant the term
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instead the words epidemic diarrhoea or epidemic enter
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nor find what was proved. We use the series he employed when we
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of Durliam Medical Union.that the resolution transmitted in their letter
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bis ease without the least possibility of being hit between
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an the number of cells at Staulev Strpet destructor be largely increased
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refusal to co operate with a large majority of his constituents
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costal and anterior spinal arteries the brain became pallid
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February I oth Tliere was then a small cicatrix on the posterior surface
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The following is the official list of candidates who have passed the
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College had cut a particularly poor figure in the lists
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end of the three preceding weeks had further fallen to on Saturday
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the date of the discovery he himself had said Koch s bacil
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mas term commencing November ud. The names of the candi
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as it at present stands is that rats and mice are the most
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tion if not with pleasure. Ellis always had perfect command
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debility and especially was this so with her last pregnancy. She was
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did not take so despondent a view as Mr. Horsley as to
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above the elbow he refused point blank to have any chloro
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GLASGOW UNIVERSITY. E.Kammer for Decrees in Medicine with special ciualitica
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I HivB selected for our consideration to day a ease of enlargs
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A IEET NG of the Committee of tlie Royal Portsmouth Hospital was held
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acceptance as Lecturer on Therapeutics in the Westminster Hospital
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patient a pair of bedroom slippers. There is plenty of
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has been investigated by a Committee appointed by the

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