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days delay cleared up the diagnosis. When examining such

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inserted in the circular summoning the meeting at which

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blood of people affected with malaria how was the fact to be

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rabbits to climatic influences and to their slight resistance

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whole we fear that Dr. Glenard has over elaborated his case.

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not certain indeed that there is any one pathological condi

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Present Condition. Ke was healthy looking fairly well

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the reason that there has been a progressive reduction in the

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be raised to. without the appearance of ursemia. From the

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eflfected and points out that the best splints are those which

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past eleven the House counted out and the Midwives Bill

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was found to be occupied by a hydronephrosis and on passing the hand

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On readmission the Chairman ainounced that fh Council

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paid. The allowance is to be made out of a central fund

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is impermeable or threatening to become so for putting at

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the governors comprising chiefly Grand Committeemen

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Education Committee on the question of raising the standard

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some twelve hours. But this formidable attack subsided

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very body whose proceedings were challenged or to order

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especially in the right humeral region the right posterior thorax and to

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O Mahony thus describes the beautiful country the traveller

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