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and of constipation. She had never had any serious illness.

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an epuiemic in our midst. Nevertheless both Monte Video and Rio

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to meet opposition as the lack of technical merit at its back deserves

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Medical Board that the institute had been closed and all

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NORTHAMPTON iENERAL INFIRMARY. Assistant to the House Surgeou. Ap

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tives here it will be some consolation to be assured that they

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it entails that we should judge. We must first take into

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Prince Alfi ed Hospital Sydney and Acting Tutor iu Cliuicnl Medicine University of

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The case was thought to be one of thrombosis of the smaller

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lowed after which the general meeting was held when Dr.

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A Apothecary Association uf Registered Sledical Wnmen. Secretary of the London

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The Solicitor General said that from what took place in

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as likely to be caused by the copper salt or salts dissolved and

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war conducted in a country favoured by less advantageous

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should include provisions securing that they should immedi

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as exists on the face of the globe and more prolific even

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to the Ilkeston Cottage Hospital two miles off. For the sake

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I amputated the entire upper extremity collar bone shoulder

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She was admitted for the fifth time in December tapped and

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and is reproduced in this issue at page not only to the

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elected by a Branch Council unless their names have been

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also to refuse any exhibit they may consider unsuitable.

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ist and became Sureeon Colonel March th.. He served with

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