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that region specially difficult. Not seldom do the most skilled
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and of the eighth cervical and first dorsal respectively
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duced. They like the newborn children in a malaria country
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and administration of base military hospitals. With the
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buried in one grave. On that occasion he received a very
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may be either primary or secondary according as the mem
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which they live. It is therefore by providing for the poor
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such small numbers as to necessitate the examination of a
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do not recollect its exact relation to the original scar. This I
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dicted that its death was likely to occur. But the second
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on May th under the presidency of Mr. Decimus Cubme.
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I. per in the thirty two provincial towns among which mealies
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are shown of natural size Figs. and. The Lee Mtt ord is
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Surgery two Examiners in Physiology and Histology one Examiner in
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