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stated that the buildings will not interfere with the view from

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In this case as in some others the popular instinct had

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teenth. In all the rest pain was present from the beginning

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of the arrest of the spin. If the rifling of the bore

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tended. On examination the pelvic cavity was found to be occupied by a

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walnut which had become impacted in the ileo cseeal valve

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man by the air and by objects is considered and the probable

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and relief of pain in minor gynaecology. He referred to the

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are of the usual pattern but they might very well be improved

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Lapthorne Smith and Dr. Riddle Goff. There is also a clinical

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fessor Wells that the Union has deserved well of the

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NORTH RIDING COUNTY ASYLUM. Clifton. York Senior Assistant Medical Officer

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assumption that some disease for instance phthisis has

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width and had spread rapidly having been in existence but

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On Thursday April th Dr. Niaian Falkiner whose appoint

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That document if it got into the hands of any unscrupulous

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advance their art by experimental methods. What was there

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Nauuwpcort is almost a typhoid hospital and the same is to

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the Medical and Dentists Acts are paid to the Receiver of

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march or in cantonments. For a considerable time past

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and Licentiates as officers of the Royal Army Medical Corps.

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work and simplify returns and these endeavours have cer

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opened emptied aud sutured to the peritoneum parietal at

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bullet went through the middle phalanx of the ring finger

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trying winter. Both patients were teetotalers. All one could

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observation though where the occupied beds were counted by

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Hospital. In this case the bowel was resected and the ends

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sanitary enthusiasts. We have known of cautious lovers

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