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Mandvi Bombay about the same time. In this ease gan

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Society on May th was the occasion tor a presentation to Mr.

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sionally but the right eyelid more than the left. The right hand and

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and down the limb before the implicated vessels can be satis

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mortality from his treatise De Matrimonio but as we wish

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February I oth Tliere was then a small cicatrix on the posterior surface

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of my informants could recall a specific instance in which he

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nell is taking great interest in the scheme which will in

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completed and the fragment of a bone breaks off as a splinter

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wifery cases are as a rule attended to by the untrained

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plague regulations are being worked in the mildest manner and every

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injured state into which they were placed by the other

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tinn Act to County Court Circuit No. inclndmg Tauoton Bridgwater

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very short time after death and free spores and spore bearing

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opening of the Congress. After the conclusion of the Con

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versity would find its new home conducive to increased

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vived a few hours. In the aftertreatment the salol was continued and a

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be successful he must see that the healing of the wound is

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in pathological literature of the possibility of this transforma

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