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could make such a statement as that. The circular went on
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We believe if midwives are to be examined and licensed
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the Muse. But the lowly rodent which she was invited to
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water is more likely to yield remunerative results than the
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for days whenever possible. The observations on the plague
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next great war was convinced that there would be an increase
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and the wound united by continuous suture. The piece was subsequently
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small. The first row shou d take up the mucous and sub
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by the staff from one ward to another infection by the air
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malignancy rendered it worth while to incur the increased
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tissue to cancerous growth than to infer recurrence
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sentative and acknowledged his eminent services. Pro
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or three days and was sweating profusely. The chest muscles were lixed
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Dr. Major Greenwood did not agree with the way in which
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detriment of London. This is a most serious matter. An
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culous nephritis pyonephrosis or congenital absence of one
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disease. In the early stage slight indefinite pains of a neur
Wb have received the following letter from Mr. Stephen
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and to cause all women to be attended by doctors. Some had
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object is to supply in one volume that information which
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tended to ob.scure in some degree the real points at issue. It
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tended to limit himself to experiments in the nature of
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be held in the hand neither gives her pain nor the feeling of
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explain the extremely vascular condition of the new formed
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in the laboratory he had them tried in a large number of
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clinically was unlike anything he had seen before and the
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the other for some skin affection although I cannot gather
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tumour was small and the appendages were unhealthy
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Group I Cnltnres Aj Bj showed the following character
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infection. A local supervising authority would therefore

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