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last. He was appointed Assistant Surgeon June nd S. and Suigeon
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apparently consisting of hypertrophied subcutaneous tissue they ap
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of Durliam Medical Union.that the resolution transmitted in their letter
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annum. Applications to the Secrelaiv of the Faculty
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duties to be prescribed by the Central Midwives Board
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porosity of crystals even diamonds being able to absorb
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composed of medical men and we are glad to learn that
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the Home Secretary had made a statement in Parliament to
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the Medical OfHcer to the Local Government Board for
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gard to recommendation No. that Subsection a be adopted
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vious labours had always been lingering but there had never
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obstructed the bowel beneath it the enlarging uterus by
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horse shot under him before he reached the donga. Here
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Mr. Oglesby replied that he did and that as soon as he
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particularly the latter will be increased. Now as before
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logical and clinical researches on ovarian tumours. This
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D. Maples Medical Officer to the Kingsclere Workhouse h.ad claimed
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The figure shown at the fourteenth day I think simply
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defendant upon which the judge gave judgment with costs.
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factory averages in their final examinations. Only by the
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that will wipe them out or at least make them a negligible
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hatching oat of their shells which someti mes split at the
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he. After having worked under small shell fire under
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ever quotes two sentences out of my own review of his book
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this on workmen using steam disinfectors. Again chemical
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induced muscular exhaustion by electric stimuli as was seen
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lating for a considerable time before I could achieve my end
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utterly depressed with sighing respiration pulse fairly good
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used especially when it is used subcntaneously or whenever

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