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his atro.r animus The fact that towards the end of his

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films with an irregular margin under a low power the centre of the

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of time after they get into the hospital. Wounds of the bladder

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however are of such rare occurrence in civil practice that the

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whatever is provided without complaint without grumbling.

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left side and two pints of blood were removed and subsequently eight

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Professor Lenhartz Hamburg was inclined to consider

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legislation which provided for the clearing of insanitary

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this Association supplies of introducing such men to those responsible

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be done to the patient whilst the diagnosis would be made to

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more to the points. As regards Mr. Coleridge let me repeat

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Circuit Court Law and Equity Division by Judge Sterling

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silence was taken as admitting the truth of the suggestion.

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we should expect if any bursting action were exerted on the

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in the Metropolitan Asylums Hospitals ns The number of

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Gowera p. to indicate the relations of the origin of the

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Dr. Calvert mentioned that there had been two cases of

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present constituted was not fitted to decide many questions of

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rnended which were attended with great pain. At this

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appointed consisting of MM. Kelsch Laveran Blanchard

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system. The nature of this toxin is unknown. The marked

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under curave alone is forced either to admit that animals are

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from plague have been refused permission to travel by the railway and

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who dedicates his work to Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester.

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