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Medical Acts one was a right to practise which was by
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only indirectly explored render the diagnosis of disease in
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corresponding disorder of dissolution in the respiratory ner
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sewage farm. The Bill was eventually allowed a second read
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older weapons while the scalp wound heals so readily that
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might have adorned any profession. In fact his abilities and
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appear. Mixtures of the two will grow turbid at intermediate tempera
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fainted and was carried off by the stretcher party. He was admitted to
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pointed out to be not very uncommon. Case. This case vas reported
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Penton observes that Egyptians are far more liable to
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cates heart disease rather than tuberculous mischief
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hospital are able to infect others with the disease. Dr.
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quantity was hardly up to the average and the same deficiency
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per of the population estimated by tlte Registrar General to be more
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the supply of spinal segments and not of posterior roots.
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become law. The removal of the University to its new premises although
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disease of the larynx ajjart from diphtheria and we may add
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and so th oroughly practical that they should be read not only
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which was then about as large as a medium sized apple and
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Mr. Tealk thought this was a case in which silence did not
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sional varying pressure within its cavity. If this be long
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sanitary enthusiasts. We have known of cautious lovers
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tions. As to the question whether cases in which no paroxysms
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junctivas were quite normal. One or two cases developed
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Arthritic Conditions a group of conditions upon which
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My colleague Dr. Watson Williams and I have done several

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