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ovarian cyst and showed the specimen a thick walled uni
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surgical shock could be prevented by profound chloroform
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annum with residence board aud washing. Applications to the Secretaiy by April
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papilloma of the ureter in the network of which several small
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secular arm. Hence so far the efforts of that Associa
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having failed there was no resource but operation. The
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NOKTHOFEXGLANDBBASCH. Tlie spring meeting of this Branch will
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of Hygiene. Passing to the prevalence of tuberculosis.
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regarded rather as a favourable prognostic than a negative
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occur from insufficient anaesthesia Personally he did not
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in large numbers in water which had been contaminated
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cent were damaged by shell fire and per cent by rifie lire.
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The parchment was accompanied by the gift of a free passage
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Dr. Aiken of Pettigo. After a prolonged argument the
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higher position among the beer drinking countries. During
simultaneously from two diseases only one of which was at
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less not without influence in the mind of Her Majesty s
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enunciate the hypothesis that the mosquito was the host of the parasite
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not be sent to attract money from persons going to and

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