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and I am certain that the hole is closed almost directly by

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coloured and contained one fourth albumen. No casts or blood could

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from a severe attack of acute pemphigus with concurrent ery

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swered by the medical practitioner who administered the

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Dundee Royal Infirmary on Friday. May th. By the courtesy of the

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Larvngolical Society of London. At a meeting on May

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Gentle movement was commenced in all the cases except

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where he saw and treated every kind of wound among them.

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In St. George Hanover Square Westminster St James Westminster

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sterling derived from alcoholic drinks only one twenty

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does not apply to the cicatrix. I venture to suggest that

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not to the practiceof medicine at all events to medical matter

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was the destruction of the larvse by means of petroleum

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The Vice President remarked that he could not avoid

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and the patient was allowed to cease treatment. The middle ear showed

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I have now ordered her heelless shoes with Jenner s patent spring to

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funnel with its apex pointing inwards and its sides convex

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action but in which nevertheless the cardiac sounds on

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named Temple Bey who is stated to have been a relative of

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unhealthiness and contagion. He states as the result of

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withdrawn every few days and fresh introduced no bleeding marked

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views that have been expressed above with regard to their

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Health to include sanitary inspectors in the benefits pro

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brethren and the general public and he soon acquired a

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