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stitutions recognised by a licensing body should be approved
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the appointments would still be worth having if there were
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of hcirt or renal disease. There was no history of alcoholism and the
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to be set forth in the form of a statutory declaration.
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the inactivity of the liver which is apt to result in hot
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mother on application at that institution for a medical
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acid carbolic lotions hydrogen dioxide solution and iodoform
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Select Committee of the House of Lords on Metropolitan
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coHfidenee that it will continue to turn out a number of
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things was that every applicant should be compelled to fill
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First Professional ExiMiNATioN. Candidates have passed this
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whatsoever rewards Until this point is settled all argument
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and the candidature of Messrs. Fitzgibbon Heuston and
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his appointment he began to give lectures on public health
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for this we are advised that he cannot claim any extia fee.
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schools remain as at present there seems no reason lor antici
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to branch and show at their extremities club shaped formations consist
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For the week ending April th fresh cases of plague occurred in
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metritis. When used for septic endometritis where the
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tinguishing fires and flushing streets while cleaning them
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depression and anxiety partly from remorse partly from fear
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Monkeys bandicoots and squirrels have on rare occasions
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those whose evidence is before the public. In England out
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Dr.WoLSTENHOLME did not approve of the formation of a Con
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dermic injections of cocaine into the pdiceum for the relief

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